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Stepper Motors & DC Motors

For many years h.g.brunner has been involved in the supply of stepper motors and supporting ASIC devices for vehicle instrument applications, and is now expanding the range of products offered to include a wider range of stepper motors and integrated electronics brushless motors. Using specialist and qualified manufacturing facilities in both Europe and the Far East, h.g.brunner is able to supply a range of motors for applications in the automotive, consumer electronics and process equipment industries.

Switec motor
Switec Motor

The Juken Swiss Technology (formerly Switec) Miniature Stepper Motor, together with its supporting ASIC devices is intended for the accurate and smooth drive of analogue instruments such as vehicle dashboards, marine instruments and other electronically driven industrial instrumentation.

A 'through lit' version is available, as is a dual concentric motor for cruise control indication and for space saving gauge applications.

To complete the line-up for dashboard instrumentation, JST also produce a clock version of the stepper motor, which, together with a dedicated ASIC device, allows the customer to simply construct an analogue clock.

A version is also available with 'zero' detection reference using IR technology. Complete clock modules can also be built to customer specification.

Clock module
Clock Module
HT Stepper motor
Stepper Motors

High torque stepping motors from specialist and qualified Far Eastern manufacturers for applications in process control, consumer products, and medical equipment.

Synchronous permanent magnet motors, reversible induction motors and DC speed reducing motors for applications in consumer goods, lighting control, office equipment, and medical equipment.

Sync motors
Sync motors
Induction motor
Induction Motor
Spped reduction motors
Speed Reduction Motors
Printed artmature motor
Printed Armature Motor
Soyo stepper motors
Soyo Stepper Motors

Current business sectors served are: Automotive, marine instrumentation, agricultural and construction equipment, consumer goods and process control industries.

Customers include: Delphi, Stoneridge, Vansco, Tyco, Bosch, TRW and Phillips.

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