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Spirit level bubbles

h.g.brunner is able to supply spirit level bubbles, round or tubular, in glass or plastic materials.

Round case flange
Tubular bubble cases
Circular bubbles - metal cased
Circular bubbes - metal cased

The required sensitivity can be achieved by use of a variety of fluid fillings, coloured or clear to suit the application.

Markings on the capsules or enclosures can be etched or printed to suit the customer application.

Spirit level bubbles - rectangular metal cased
Rectangular metal cased
Spirit level bubbles
Miscellaneous cases

Bubbles can be supplied for mounting by the customer, or  a wide range of standard mounting enclosures is available.

Circular bubble - dual plane
Circular bubble gauge dual plane

We would be pleased to assist in determining the most appropriate level for your application, or to quote for your requirements on receipt of a drawing or sketch.

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