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Pressure gauge components

Using a number of specialist sources, h.g.brunner has supplied high quality pressure and temperature gauge components for over 50 years.

Round case flange
Round case flange

Pressure Gauge Cases

Cases can be supplied as flush or surface mounting types, with screw fit or bayonet fitting bezels, and with glass or perspex, gaskets, and mounting rings as required.

On provision of a customer drawing or sketch, holes for movement mounting blocks, electrical and mechanical connections, or other customer requirements can be included.

Clock module
Round case exploded
HT Stepper motor

- Bourdon tubes -

- Movements -

- Pointers -


Capsules can be supplied in a variety of materials depending on application, and can be assembled in stacks if required.

Capsule stack
Capsule Stack
Fusee chain
Fusee chain - size comparison

Fusee Chain

Fusee chain for instrument regulation can be supplied in various sizes and in cut lengths as required

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