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Plastic Moulded Components

h.g.brunner is involved in the supply of high precision plastic moulded components for a variety of applications including vehicle instrumentation, under bonnet electronics, electrical connectors, motor parts and medical apparatus / instruments.

Maier parts

Products offered are:

- Illuminated pointers -
- Bobbins -
- Connectors, contact parts -
- Insert and outsert mouldings -
- Supply on bandolier -

Haas parts

Our manufacturing principals specialise in different aspects of moulded components, are ISO TS 16949 accredited, and manufacture in excess of 30 million parts per year.

Examples of the type of products manufactured to customer specifications:

Contact hearing aid
Battery contact

Plug insert

Current business sectors served are: Automotive and marine instrumentation, electronics industry, consumer goods and medical industry.

Customers include: Delphi, Stoneridge, Siemens-VDO, Tyco, Bosch, TRW and Phillips.

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